Advance course on Film Making & Direction

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What will I Learn?

1.Sourcing ideas for production, 
2.Evaluating and selecting ideas Preparing the budget for the production.
3.Preparing a list of potential sponsors .
4.Preparing and pitching the production proposal to financiers .
5.Conceptualizing the creative aspects to set a common vision .
6.Managing creative areas such as the screenplay, storyboard and shot planning.
7.Modifying and finalizing the script Communicating the key aspects of production .
8.Guiding performance of actors/artists Managing technical areas such as Camera, Sound,                  Lighting .
9.Production design and creative areas such as Costumes and styling and Set design.  Directing        rehearsals and actual takes .
10.Managing and guiding the post production process.
11.Prepare the final version of the screenplay. (if required)
12. Preparing for marketing and promotion of the production .
13. Participating in promotional initiatives Health and safety .and the resources .
14. Complying with procedures in the event of an emergency.


1.Evaluate production concepts and ideas.
Sourcing financiers Conceptualize the creative vision.
3. Communicate requirements to the team.
4.Direct the production process .
5.Direct the post-production.
6.Manage the production’s marketing and release
7.Maintain workplace health and safety . 

Qualification: Graduate
Relevant Experience: 1 Yrs & Above
Duration: 20 Days

1. Writing Skills
2. Reading Skills.
3. Oral Communication (Listening and Speaking skills)


1. Films
2. Documentaries


•          Explaining theory through presentations / Images / Video / Online resources
•          Analysis and Deconstruction of Benchmark standard works
•          Daily Assignments
•          A separate Assignment Brief will be given for Major Project at the end of the course
•          Online profile creation and updates of works
•          Arrange webinars with working professionals to understand their scope of work in their                  specific roles.


 •          A well-recognized certification from MESC, Nodal body of the Govt of India.
 •          A Dedicated R&D team comprises of Subject matter experts
 •          Updated curriculum curated by Active industry experts
 •          Supported by M&E veterans and certified Mentors
 •          Value-added skills such as professional etiquette, interview techniques, and                                        communication skills
 •          To make sure the aspirant is through every stage of the selection process.
 •          Strong Placement support as MEE School is tied up with all the animation, gaming, VFX,                  and eLearning companies across pan India.
 •          Professional Practice - Supervisor’s feedback sessions are designed to accustom students               about the production process
 •          A great emphasis is laid on research and planning through discussions and                                         communication for the purpose of quality standards.

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